Genius Hour

Genius Hour, also known as 20% Time, Passion Pursuit, or Passion Project, is an opportunity for students to research something that they are curious about or have a passion for. Students use research skills that they have learned in the classroom to answer an essential question - a question that they come up with.

Some examples of essential questions that students from previous years came up with include: "What do astronauts do in space?", "How have video games changed over history?", and "How can I keep French Bulldog pups healthy?"

Students must present the answer to their essential question, but choose how they answer the question. Genius Hour encourages creativity, and students might present their findings through a video, an art project, a blog, a PowerPoint presentation, or perhaps a podcast.

The Genius Hour project is not a time of "Do whatever you want." It has expectations and deadlines, just like everything else in school. But this is a project in which students are encouraged to direct their own learning.

For a better understanding of Genius Hour, check out this excellent video by John Spencer, host of The Creative Classroom Podcast.