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Why Blended Learning?

Math is taught using a blended learning model, which is a blend of live and online components. Basically, live, direct instruction (lecture) is replaced by pre-recorded shorter lectures which are accessed by students when they are ready to begin that lesson.

This model has many benefits, including student self-pacing, student ownership, the ability to more easily differentiate (change the level of) instruction, incorporating elements of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) like closed-captioning, providing more time for the teacher to meet with students individually and in small groups, and allow absent students to access what they have missed.

Students complete practice work for lessons and all Mastery Checks "live." Students still do whiteboard work, number talks, and other live math instruction with the teacher.

Your student is not just watching videos for math all day.


Want to see what your student is learning in Math? Check out my YouTube Channel. The videos are numbered to correspond with their Math lessons.

Note that your students are not accessing YouTube for their instructional videos in class. They access their videos through a different hosting site, EdPuzzle. Student videos are also embedded with questions, notes, and prompts.

About Me

I am a former Marine who found my way into the classroom through coaching.

I currently serve as my school's wrestling coach and lead the Podcasting Club and upper-grade Coding Club.

No, your student wasn't lying to you when they said I don't give homework. If you really want them to do something at home though, have them read.