Resources for Teachers

The Future

Rather than ban AI for fear of cheating, we should embrace it and use it ourselves. It's not going away.

Take a look at Chat GPT.

I've used it to help me develop resources for the classroom. The image to the left was generated using AI. So was the image of the laptop below.

6th Grade ELA


6th Grade Math


Interested in Blended Learning?

Try looking at the model presented by The Modern Classrooms Project. This organization can seriously speed up your learning curve.

EdPuzzle is a great site for hosting instructional videos and embedding them with questions for formative assessment.

ScreenPal (formerly Screen-Cast-O-Matic) is an inexpensive screen recording tool that has great editing features.

With student devices, EdPuzzle, and ScreenPal, you have all you need to begin your blended learning journey.

Exceptional Podcasts

Cult of Pedagogy - Perhaps the best overall podcast for teachers by anyone's estimation, not just mine. This podcast provides helpful information in a practical-to-use format, and is accompanied by an outstanding blog contains links and resources.

GotTechED the Podcast - If you want to shorten your learning curve regarding educational technology, this is the place to go. The hosts look at software, applications, and trends in the world of EdTech.

The Shake Up Learning Show - Author, speaker, tech coach, and giant in the world of EdTech Kasey Bell puts out this popular podcast. This is another podcast/site/blog that can help you feel comfortable with the world of educational technology

Interested in EdTech, but more into videos than podcasts?

Then check out the videos made by Sam Kary of The New EdTech Classroom. The videos are both engaging and informative. There are a lot to choose from, too.

Not exceptional, but my trial run at making a podcast ...